Thursday, February 23, 2017

What is success?
How do you define success? Everyone wants to be successful. No one wants to be a failure. God has a plan for success for your life and you can discover His plan.
Many people define success in ways that may not be God’s plan for their success.
·        Position – being a person of high rank and importance
·        Prestige – being famous and a person that others admire
·        Power – being a person of great power and influence
·        Possessions – having all the fine luxuries of life
Many people have pursued these definitions of success only to become terrible failures.
God’s plan for success in your life is to discover your purpose for being here on earth and fulfill that purpose. - Nolen Rollins

Thursday, February 16, 2017

When a man or a woman has the conviction that he or she is doing the work God gave him or her to do, there is a zeal and a courage in his or her soul that all the forces of this world cannot destroy.   Author Unknown

Thursday, February 9, 2017

My GPS Life Journey Story - Sue Lock 
I just read the testimony of a 24 year old young woman and I thought to myself, wow, I wish this had been available to me at 24. 
All my life I have felt slightly off keel, a round hole trying very hard to fit into a perfectly ordered square peg.  The truth is I spent so much time and energy focusing on what I was not that I have very nearly missed the boat. Good news is, I am uniquely made for God’s purpose, and those negatives were only there to remind me that I was made for something different.
When I was younger and setting up home and family, I felt it important to keep a tidy home, Monday wash, Tuesday iron, Wednesday meatloaf. I tried so hard but by mid-morning on Monday I was stripping wallpaper, fixing the pump or having tea with my friend. The laundry and cleaning and yes even meatloaf got done but never in an orderly fashion. I never felt “fulfilled after cleaning windows or weeding the garden. I felt like a failure.
However, when there was a crisis, it was me that got the call from a neighbor, friend or relative. I would drop whatever I was doing and run to their aid to listen, encourage, help and serve.  
Going through the GPS Life Journey workbook allowed me to see for the first time that these were not faults, I was not made to be an effective “ if it’s Monday I must be washing” kind of woman. I was made for God’s purpose and that is such an awesome revelation. I trust in the Lord to continue to guide me in the areas that He has illuminated for me through the GPS Life Journey.
The other day I went up the carpeted stairs and thought, “These need to be vacuumed.”  Then I laughed, “I’ll do that later.  I have to pack to come to GPS!  I’m on my mission.”  
I have freedom, power and clarity on who I am and how I am made.  Discovering my God-given mission through the GPS Life Journey has changed my life. 
I was much more at ease when crisis and calamity struck. Neighbors would call and I would go running, I thrived at being able to help someone through a crisis.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Join Other Fulfilled Travelers
Join the exceptional group of individuals who have discovered their purposes and are making a huge difference in the world.What are your God-designed "good works" that He has prepared for you to do? GPS Life Journey is designed to help YOU change the world! -Nolen Rollins

Friday, January 27, 2017

You Need a Mentor/Coach
The assistance of a one-on-one coach is most often needed to successfully navigate the course before you. Certified GPS Mentors are available to help you on your journey. Each coach has specific training in helping individuals on their journey toward mission fulfillment.

Friday, January 20, 2017

You Need a Guide
Since the GPS Life Journey is neither a book nor a seminar, this journey requires a guide. The GPS Life Journey must be facilitated by a guide who has been on the journey and understands the path ahead. Approved GPS Life Journey Facilitators must have gone through the eight-week curriculum and the GPS Life Journey Facilitator Training.  These facilitators can provide practical information that is essential for successfully navigating the course ahead. -Nolen Rollins

Friday, January 13, 2017

What’s In Your Bag?
Our trained GPS Life Journey Facilitators will help you uncover and understand great assets you already possess for the journey. As you discover how God has already equipped you with strengths, abilities, passions, experiences and gifts, you will determine personal direction for fulfilling your God-given life purpose. You already have navigational tools in your bag! -Nolen Rollins